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This is what the webring looks like. You can click on the links to see the sites that are in the ring.

Families United on the Net is a family site. In order for your site to be included in the webring it must be of the "PG" variety. It cannot contain potentially offensive material or sexually explicit and/or pornographic material.
This webring was created to connect homepages of people, about themselves and their familes. We will not accept any sites that sell things.

The webring should be easy to find. Please put the webring on your main page, or have a link to it from the main page. It's ok to have it on a webring page as long as the webring link is on the main page.

Before you join the ring, please download the graphic.
Just right click on the graphic and save it in one of your directories. Please do not change the name of the graphic (funring.gif). You will have to upload the graphic to your server. If you need more help go to the webring help page.

Webring graphic - funring.gif

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