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Posted by Joan on August 27, 1999 at 01:29:36:

I like to use kids sweat suits for costumes. You can sew on to them, paint them, stencil them, sponge them, etc

My kids have been a tiger (orange suit painted with black stripes)
a turtle (green suit with a round pillow 'shell' pinned to the back- he was crawling)
Zebras (white pants with painted striped and ziper hooded jacets with painted stripes and yarn sewed to the top of the hood as a mane
Superbaby (red sweatsuit romper with a B painted on the front, cape with big B painted on it, stiffened with fusable interfacing velcroed to the shoulders)

Posted by Tessv on August 26, 1999 at 09:22:12:

In Reply to: Halloween costumes posted by Chris on August 25, 1999 at 21:47:46:

We've got some easy costume ideas in our Halloween Section. Just follow the link below :-)

Posted by ali on August 27, 1999 at 08:32:03:

I don't know what the temperature is when it's Halloween in your neck of the woods but when we were in Canada on a farm it was a mite chilly.

The girls had to wear their snow suits or at least a heavy coat to trick or treat.

I would make capes ... a queen's cape, Little red riding hoods cape, etc. then makeup, hat and we're done. The cape would cover the clothes and the costume was still seen, not hidden.

Then the cape were used for YEARS in our dressup box.

Take a square piece of fabric .. turn over and stitch for the tie. I always left about a 2 inch stand up *collar* for the girl capes and put decorations on there too. Little Red riding hood of course had a hood


Posted by Denise on August 28, 1999 at 08:24:33:

Simple, yet great. The compliments are endless. My daughter was a bunch of grapes last year! I bought her a purple sweatsuit. Got 3" round purple balloons and blew them up, tied them off and attached dozens to her sweatsuit with safety pins. Even made her a headband and attached some artificial grape leaves. She was the hit at her 2nd grade Halloween party, and everyone in the entire school was talking about my creativity!!! She was happy and so was I! CAUTION: this would not be appropriate for all ages of children!!!! I also have seen something similiar, using pink sweatsuit and pink balloons and it was to resemble bubble bath. Good Luck!

Posted by Paulette on August 29, 1999 at 11:17:07:

ROBOT~~ Cardboard box with holes for arms and legs. Box for head. Pie plates
glued to front for headlights. Light sticks for antennae. Use silver paint
or aluminum foil to decorate.

SPIDER~~ Black leotard and tights. Three pairs of black panty hose stuffed
with old nylons. Stick stuffed hose to waist of leotard. Stocking cap.
Black pipe cleaners for antennae.

JACK IN THE BOX~~ Cardboard box. Slinky toys for arms. Stocking cap. Box can
be held in place with suspenders. Decorate as desired.

MUMMY~~ Jell hair and pull away from face. Use white makeup on face. Use
strips of muslin wrapped around entire body.

T.V.~~ Cardboard box. Gelatin paper to cover hole at front. Hold
flashlight inside. Use light sticks for TV antennae.

SKELETON~~ Black leotard and tights. White tape or chalk for ribs and bones.
White makeup on face with black eyes.

MONEY TREE~~ Green sweatsuit. Glue fake money (monopoly) to body.

TOURIST~~ Colorful wild shirt. Shorts. Several old cameras around neck.
Sunglasses. Hat

SKIN DIVER~~ Wet suit or gray track suit. Goggles. Swim flippers (cut off
bottom and place over top of shoes). Bucket with plastic fish.

THERMOMETER~~ Silver bicycle helmet. White track suit. Draw on or glue on
red mercury line using felt or felt tip marker.

CARROT~~ Orange body suit. Green mousse in hair. Green face paint. Green
pipecleaners attached to orange cap for top.

JOCK~~ Hockey players, football players, baseball players are all
easy to emulate this time of year.

Posted by foofee on September 03, 1999 at 11:34:08:

We have 50's Day today at school to celebrate Buddy Holly. My 2nd grade daughter has a new poodle skirt and that will also be her Halloween outfit. It will get put away then until the next 50's Day next Sept. My son's costume was the easiest, a white t-shirt, rolled up sleeves, and jeans rolled up. He didn't slick his hair back this year, but he usually does. Add an old highschool letter jacket and you've got a great costume. For another idea for a girl, a man's white longsleeve shirt, cuffs rolled up, untucked over rolled up jeans. Hair can be teased or put into a ponytail and a little pink lipstick and you're ready to go to the Sock Hop! You should see all these kids in their 50's clothes, lined up by all the 50's cars, it wonderful!

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