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Quick Costumes

MATERIALS:   Slip, Material for Letters (felt, paper, fabric paint)
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Dress child in slip. Make the letters F R E U D. Attach to child. Child is now a "freudian slip".
- submitted by Fantasia

MATERIALS:   Large Cardboard Box, Toy Knife/Sword, Fake Blood
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Take large cardboard box and decorate to look like a cereal box. Make holes for child's arms. Take the toy sword/knife and stick it into the box. Drizzle stage blood around the hole.
- submitted by Fantasia

MATERIALS:   Orange Pumpkin Trashbag, Newspaper, Green Knit Hat, Green Paper
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Take orange halloween trashbag and cut holes in the bottom & side for child's arms/legs; stuff with crumpled newspapers. Gather the bag at neck and tie LOOSELY. Make a leafy hat the same as for grapes
- submitted by Fantasia

MATERIALS:   Purple Outfit, Purple Balloons, Green Knit Hat, Green Paper, Green Ribbon (if desired)
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Dress child in purple. Attach purple balloons all over child's body. For "leaves" use a green knit hat and make paper leaves; staple or glue them to hat. You can add ribbon to make "vines".
- submitted by Fantasia

MATERIALS:   Old Plastic Laundry Basket, Empty Laundry Product Containers, Fabric Paint (optional)
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Take an old cheap laundry basket (plastic) and cut a hole in the bottom large enough for child's waist. Tie twine on the sides like suspenders to keep it up. Have child wear old shirt & pants (I used sweat pants and wrote laundry instructions on the legs with fabric paint). Place old clothes in the basket around the child. Stick in an old empty detergent box/fabric softener bottle/bleach bottle
- submitted by Fantasia

MATERIALS:   White Outfit, Blue Marker of Fabric Paint, Slinky Spring Toy
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Dress child in all white. Draw blue lines across child. Connect a slinky along one side of child. I found the easy way to do this is to use safety pins. Leave his/her arm free OR cut slinky and put the child's arm inside and stretch the slinky up/down the rest of his body
- submitted by Fantasia

MATERIALS:   Yellow Outfit, Pink or Orange Socks, Black Cone Shaped Hat
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Dress child in all yellow. Put on large pink or orange sox over the shoes. Make a black cone shaped hat for "lead".
- submitted by Fantasia

MATERIALS:   Black Sweat Suit, Gray Felt, Ear Muffs, Old Belt (not for real young kids)
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Cut "spots" out of the felt and baste stitch them onto the sweat suit. Cut long, floppy ear shapes out of felt and attach over the ear muffs. Cut old belt down to neck size for collar. You can even make a poster board tag for the collar it you like.

MATERIALS:   Black Sweat Suit, Black Felt, Ear Muffs, Black Eyebrow Pencil
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Make kitty ears out of felt and attach to ear muffs. Use eyebrow pencil to draw nose and whiskers on face.

MATERIALS:   Black sweat suit or shirt and jeans, black pillow case, velcro sticky back or sewable - or it can even be stapled, make up
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Cut pillow case open, attach velcro to corner ends, attach to child like a cape. Use make-up for "undead" effect": lipstick (red) for lips & blood, black eyebrow pencil (apply around eyes for "sunken" look, line on each cheek for angular look... dust with talcum or baby powder on face for pale effect (use cotton ball).

MATERIALS:   Old white sheet, make up
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Cut sheet into strips. Wrap child (loosely), using pieces of masking tape to attach each strip together, and the whole thing to clothes. Apply "undead effect" (see vampire) to face.

MATERIALS:   Old green sheet, leaves, make up
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Cut sheet into strips and attach to child as in Mummy, but attach leaves from yard also. Face can be done in green halloween makeup.

MATERIALS:   Torn up jeans, torn up shirt, baby powder, makeup
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Use "undead effect" (see vampire), then sprinkle baby powder over head and forearms. Stick hands in dirt, or even have them roll around in the yard for a while to get grass, leaves, etc all over themselves.

MATERIALS:   Loose fitting clothing, pillow, pillow case
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Stick pillow under shirt in back, mess up hair (if needed) or a big brimmed hat can be used, solid color pillow case as cape (see "DRACULA" for directions). Encourage child to limp.

MATERIALS:   A bed sham (with ruffles), tights, light colored t-shirt, safety pins
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Measure child's waist, cut sham to fit (can be long or short depending on child's preference). Pin sham around child's waist in back with safety pins, tuck in t-shirt. For Fairy Princess, measure child from waist to shoulders and cut another piece of sham for use as a "wrap".

MATERIALS:   Cardboard, paint, red or black sweat suit, strips of cloth
HOW TO MAKE THE COSTUME:   Paint 2 cardboard "cards"; join with cloth strips at shoulders and below arms. Have child dress in warm red or black sweats. Whole family can be poker hand - one child can be a chip too.

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