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Connecting to Chat

Once you've downloaded and installed Pirch, your going to want to chat right?
Pirch already has a bunch of IRC channels already pre-loaded.
I'm going to tell you how to connect to StarNet, it might already be in your address's, you still might want to read this, it will teach you how to add servers.

Open up your Pirch, click on the LOGIN button
Starting from the top of the Server Connection screen:

FOR 32bit Pirch:

2. On the top frame, where all the little computers are, right click and choose NEW
3. You'll see a computer with NEW highlighted under it, click where it says NEW
4. Type in: StarNet (or whatever the name of the server is) and hit return
5. Right click in the bottom frame, and select NEW
6. A new window will pop-up, type in the Server's Address, for StarNet it's: port: 6667

can use these ports too:6668,6669,6670-6693
7. Click OK
8. Click on Close
Now, close out this screen by hitting the little X up in the right hand side.
Click on LOGIN again, where it says: IRC Network there's prolly something called Undernet in there, click on the arrow, and you will see the list of servers. At the very bottom should be StarNet, click on it and it will put it in the window.

You don't need the password function, unless you need to keep other people out of your chat program.

FOR 16bit:

2. Click on ADD
3. Another window will pop-up, just type in the info
Port: 6667
NetWork ID: StarNet
4. Click OK
5. Before you leave, you might want to highlight the new address you've just put in (it's over in the window all the way at the bottom)
Then Highlight the new address, and click the move-up button until it's at the top, then click CLOSE.

FOR 32bit & 16bit:
If you've messed up putting in an address, or want to change anything, just high-light the address, and click on edit.

Name: Real Name
I've NEVER seen anyone put their real name in this part. Most just put their Nickname in.

Email: I've never seen anyone's email in there either, just put nickname@ like mine says: bubbett@

Logon NickName: Nickname
This is for your nickname (doh!)
Alternate: This is where you put an alternate nickname, in case your Nickname is being used by someone on the server already, like my alternate nick is bubbettt.

Now click on CONNECT....
Then click on CONNECT again!
(If you click on the AUTO CONNECT box in the SERVER CONNECTION screen, it will just connect without you having to click connect a second time.)

If everything is hunky dory you should get something that says: NOTE: Attempting to connect to whatever.

Once you've connected, you can click on the CHANNELS button, to get a listing of all the channels that server has to offer.
If you do a rightclick in the channel screen, and click on Zoom Channel List, you will get another screen showing all the channels, plus a message next to the room usually telling you what the room is about, and the number of people in that room.

To get out of this screen, just right click and click on Zoom Channel List again.

You can either, double click on the room you want to go to, or type
/j nameofroom or /join #nameofroom.

For a more details on the /j and what not, go to Basic Commands

That should get you into a chat room, there's lots to choose from, but be careful, don't accept any files from anyone you don't know well, and watch out for the weirdo's!

#parentskitchen & #parentsroom are the F.U.N. Place channels on StarNet.
For more info on StarNet check out How to Chat with Us

Now, I've been testing this out step-by-step on the new Pirch 0.87 16bit, just to make sure I don't miss anything, When I logged onto the server, I noticed the screen background is a black color.
I also noticed I missed most of the opening message, because it was written in black, and it wouldn't show up on the screen.

I can say a white screen, with black writing is the easiest to work with.
But everyone has there own thing!

So if you just wanna keep the screen black, go ahead, if you wanna learn how to change the colors on your Pirch screen, go to Pirch Color.


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