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Starchat IRC

We have searched high and low and found a new server, "starchat", for our new home.

Starchat is pirch, mirc and ircle accessible. They have IRC cops available, and try to maintain a clean, safe place for people to chat.

Our official move date was November 15, 1997, and we have enjoyed the past year at StarChat!


Starchat has many servers, here is one to get started: PORTS: 6667,7000

Starchat has a server list where you can get the rest of them.


You can join us on StarChat right through your own browser. Check out our Chat Section for more details.


You need to use commands to register your nickname and identify yourself when you log in to Starchat.

TO REGISTER make sure you are using the nick that you intend to register, then type:

/msg nickserv register youre-mailaddress yourpassword
(example - /msg nickserv register funfunfun)

After you do this, NickServ will send an activation code through your email, there will be a line to cut and paste and then you will be officially registered.

TO IDENTIFY when you log in type:

/msg nickserv ID password
(example - /msg nickserv ID funfunfun)


While you are on starchat, you can get a list of nickserv commands by typing:

/msg nickserv help

To get more specific help on how to use a particular command type:

/msg nickserv help thecommandname (example: /msg nickserv help ghost)

Memoserv is also available, to see the list of commands type:

/msg memoserv help

To get specific memoserv help type:

/msg memoserv help thecommandname

See you all in chat soon!

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