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Skinny Soup

Put some water in soup kettle. Then slice some carrots in. Then slice some celery into pot. Add chopped cabbage, chopped onions and diced potatoes . Maybe some green beans and corn. You could put in leftover vegetables of any kind you want. Don't forget the chopped onions and maybe peppers. Just don't use anything with fat in it. Season to taste. I even put juice from black olives in one time and it was really good. Then tomatoes to suit your taste. I like a lot. You can eat as much of this soup as you want :)

get a large container or one big enough to fit in your freezer and anytime you have left over veggies throw them in it and when your ready to make this soup there you go all your veggies no wasted money

Posted by carolmana on March 29, 1999

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