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Breakfast Burritos

This is what I make for my family, and they just love them.....

Cook 1-2 pkgs of sausage
Fry 1 pkg bacon
While cooking this place onion flavored tator tots in the oven.
When tator tots, sausage, and bacon are done, crumble the sausage, bacon and tator tots together in a large frying pan.

Mix together eggs (about 10-12) with grated cheese, salt & pepper, and a little milk (like for scambled eggs). Pour egg/cheese mixture over sausage,bacon,potato mixture. Cook until egg is done.

Roll up in flour tortillas. You can serve with salsa if you like.

This makes quite a bit, but I make up all of the burritos and refrigerate them. My family loves the leftovers too!


Posted by Prd2BMom on February 12, 1999

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