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Swedish Pancakes

Directions: Blend all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender. Refrigerate overnight.

Heat a 6 or 7" crepe pan on med-high heat. Lightly smear margarine or Pam on the pan. Pour in enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan (thin). When batter loses its gloss turn, or flip for another 5 seconds. Turn out on a plate and it is ready for your favorite filling. Ours is a combination of frozen red raspberries that have been thawed (and then thickened with corn starch) along with cooked apple slices. These are placed on a well rounded teaspoon of vanilla yogurt. Three pancakes with 3 or 4 slices of bacon is a very generous serving per person. On top of the center pancake place a slice of apple, a dollop of yogurt and a dab of raspberry. Sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar and garnish with a sprig of mint or an edible flower. Fresh sliced strawberries are also great with the yogurt.

Posted by Homebound on February 11, 1999

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