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Cornish Game Hens - George Foreman Grill

Cornish game hens (two or one or as many as you like)

slit the Cornish games hens down the back on either side of the bone that runs down the back. Take this bone out. This will allow you to flatten out the meat for easier cooking (saw this on the cooking cable channel).

Marinated them in 1/2 bottle of Italian dressing (oil free if you wish), 2 or 3 splashes of balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, course pepper, onion powder, (other seasonings as you wish) and then filled the rest of a large Tupperware square container with enough water to cover both hens (could use smaller container for one hen). You do not want to use straight Italian dressing -- too strong a flavor - always use at least equal amout or more of water and then add more herbs and seasonings.

Marinate them for 24 hours Complete dry hens with paper towels. Leave skin on for cooking (makes chicken moist & does not add fat) even if you choose to discard when ready to eat. Season each side with salt/pepper.

Spray with butter Pam. and cook on grill (laying out flat).

Done when dark meat tender and no red liquid runs out.

Were unbelievably delicious. You don't have to soak them that long, but it makes them very tender and the meat absorbs the flavors (not just the skin).

Posted by SB on February 03, 1999

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