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Patsy's Egg Nog

Growing up, I never knew anything but the egg nog that comes in the cartons in the grocery store. Since making this recipe, I won't touch the carton stuff any more. Even though it has whiskey (and I don't like whiskey), it has such a small amount that I never minded my children having any. (You could cut it out if you want to.) Divide eggs. Whip whites until stiff...set aside. Beat yolks until lemon colored.Pour sugar and whiskey into eggs slowly. Continue beating. Add spices and vanilla. Then add half 'n half and milk. (At this point, I can only add about half the milk...then have to pour all into a very large container, and continue adding the rest of the milk.) Fold in whipped egg whites. Fold in whipped cream.

Each time you let the egg nog sit for several hours undisturbed, the whipped cream and egg whites will thicken on top of the milk. It's fun to just dip right through this thickness, or, you can stir it up each time you get into it. In any won't want to's sooooogood!

Posted by Patsy on January 16, 1999

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