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Barry's Salsa

This is a variation of a recipe I got from the frugal gourmet: Throw all ingredients into an oversized bowl. (A cake lid works great) Use your hands to mix. After mixing, store in a glass jar. (Makes about 1 gallon). Tastes best after sitting refrigerated about 12-24 hours. After making it to the recipe once, vary ingredients to taste. Can be caned in the pressure cooker and stored like store-bought salsa, but doesn't taste as fresh.

Also, try adding corn, diced apple, diced mango or other fruits for a great garnish. (Especially seafood).

Also, try putting about 1 cup of salsa in a microwave safe bowl. Add about 10-20 small, peeled raw shrimp. Microwave until the shrimp are done (5-10 minutes). Tastes WONDERFUL!

Posted by Barry on December 19, 1998

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