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Cheese Ball

soften cream cheese, room temp., meanwhile, chop other ingredients VERY fine, mix together all ingredients,plus accent(You do have to mix with hands, because mixture is so stiff-if you don't like it on your hands, try those thin gloves, like the nurses use,which i have tried,or you can just wash hands really well, and dig in!)The good thing about this cheese ball is that if you don't like something, say the green onions, or olives, just leave out. You can substitute red or green bell peppers, if you want. Anyway, just form a ball, and sprinkle with roasted pecans if you like those, and serve with crackers. My family has to have this every year! Oh, yea, it is better if you make it a day or two ahead, to let the flavors blend.

Posted by sherry p. on December 08, 1998

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