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Carolmana's Bread Pudding

1. spread bread on one side with butter and arrange slices butter side up overlapping in lightly buttered 2 qt shallow baking dish

2. beat eggs sugar and orange rind in bowl till blended let stand 15 minutes.

3. preheat oven to 350

4. set dish in large baking pan place on oven rack poor boiling water into pan till it comes half way up bread pudding dish

5. bake 45 min or until knife comes out clean

6. remove pudding from water bath and cool 30 minutes

7. brush marmalade on top

*This Bread pudding is much lighter then the usual Bread pudding that you expect and they say the secret is in the orange juice being freshly squeezed, I ran oranges through a juicer

Posted by carolmana on November 30, 1998

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