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Halloween Cake

you need: prepare cake. while cake is still hot sprinkle a few chips, let them melt a bit and "smear" them around (looks like mud & fresh dug earth). make ghosts out of marshmallows using toothpicks to hold them together if needed. use the icing to make faces. use icing to make "tombstones" out of the cookies (RIP, dob-dod, crosses etc). stick the cookies into the cake. prop ghosts behind the tombstones. sprinkle pumpkins and spiders around the top of cake. use toothpicks to hold up bats and moons/stars. sprinkle a few more chips on the cake for "rocks". I decorate around the serving tray with the leftover candy.

To make a "Foggy" Graveyard Cake:
Before decorating the cake, Make a hole in the center of the cake by placing the open end of a small plastic or paper cup, slightly higher than the cake & pushing down into the cake all the way to the bottom. Pull out the cup & the cake core, place the empty cup right-side-up in the hole, making sure it is flush with the surface of the cake. (try to conceal the edge with a little bit of the "mud" frosting. Finish decorating the cake as directed above, leaving room for a candle above the center hole. Place one or two pieces of walnut-sized dry ice in the cup in the center of the cake. Light the candle & pour a little hot tap water into the cup util you get a lot of "fog"!! Turn out the lights & present the foggy graveyard cake to your guests! You can repeat with more dry ice & hot water if desired! Remove & discard cup before serving cake!

Posted by Fantasia on October 14, 1998

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