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Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas

Make a chocolate cake - 13x9 size.

While the cake is still hot, pour a handful of chocolate chips around the top and them around with a knife (to make them look "muddy")

Use Peperidge farm cookies (Milano type) and a small tube of decorating icing (black is best for this) make "tombstones" by making crosses and RIP and such on the cookies Poke the cookies into the top of the cake at random locations.

Use stiff icing or marshmallows for ghosts (icing works best because you can make it poofy) use the decorating icing to make eyes/mouths on the ghosts. Make sure some of the ghosts poke out from behind the tombstones.

Add marshmallow bats and spiders at random locations (you can use a small amount of icing colored black to make them stick to the tombstones and such)

Use halloween pumpkins and draw faces on them with the decorators icing to make jack o lanterns. Tootsie rolls make great little "logs and branches".

I also chop up some coconut and color it black and brown then sprinkle it around to add to the "dead leaves and branches".

Kids love this cake and it always goes over great at the school halloween party!

Posted by Fantasia on September 16, 1998

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