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Fantasia's Fruit & Pound Cake Dessert

Cut the pound cake into 4 equal slices, then cut each piece into 4 slices (you should have 16 slices when done).

Lay out the pieces in the bottom of a 9x13 pan.

Drizzle the hot jello over the pound cake slices - you aren't going for saturated here, just damp.

Put this in the fridge while you slice bananas and strawberries and peaches.

Prepare the pudding and set aside.

On top of the pound cake place the banana slices, then top that with vanilla pudding, and top that with diced peaches, then cool whip.

On top of it all sprinkle the blueberries and strawberry slices chill for an hour or so - at least until it gets cold - then eat until you can't see straight!

This is a relatively low fat dessert - to make it even lower fat, use non fat pudding mix and a fat free pound cake. Top that with low fat cool whip and you are actually making a healthy desert that tastes totally awesome!

Posted by Fantasia on September 28, 1998

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