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Refried Beans

When you are not in a hurry:

Cook about a cup of soaked pinto or black beans with some onion & garlic.
Freeze them.

Then when you want "quick & easy homemade frijoles refritos", Thaw, heat some oil or lard in a heavy skillet until very hot, place the drained, cooked beans in the skillet add a little cooking liquid, mash with potato masher, beans can be partially or completely mashed; simmer beans to your desired consistency, adding more liquid, if needed. Season to taste.

Yon can add jalapeno, lime zest or juice, more onion & top with cheese.

These beat canned any day!! You could always start with a can of pinto or black beans instead of cooking them yourself, but I think the extra effort is worth it.

Posted by Susan on August 22, 1998

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