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Ice-Cream Cone Cookies (Tuiles)

These crisp almond cookies cook up in a snap.
The trick is to bake no more than four or five at a time because you have to shape them while they're still warm. Directions:

1} Preheat oven to 400 F.
2} Grease and lightly flour 2 cookie sheets.***Flouring is CRUCIAL!!!
3} In a medium bowl, combine egg whites, sugar, salt, and the extracts.
4} Beat with an electric mixer on low speed until foamy.
5} SLOWLY add melted butter, mixing until well-blended.
6} Stir in flour (SLOWLY). Stir in almonds, if desired. (The batter will be VERY thin, like a liquid)
7} Pour about 2 tbsp. batter onto a cookie sheet and QUICKLY spread with the back of a spoon. Remember, NO MORE THAN 4-5 at a time.
8} Bake 6-8 minutes (until GOLDEN)


9} Remove from the baking pan VERY QUICKLY and place on a FLOURED rolling pin. Do the same for all the cookies.

CAUTION--After about 30-60 seconds, cookies will harden.
When they do they are VERY FRAGILE and break if touched the wrong way.
When this happens, if cookies are not the right shape, return to the oven for NO MORE THAN 60 seconds.
Then re-shape.

That's it!!!! Enjoy! Cookies will be shaped like PRINGLES, and in the under curve, a SMALL scoop of ice-cream goes great!!!! But remember, they break very easily.

Posted by Janet on June 22, 1998

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