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Gail's Roast

I make my roast or brisket using reynolds oven bags and it turns out
wonderfully every time. I prick the roast with a fork all over and then
sprinkle tenderizer, pepper, thyme and a bit of season salt on it. Put it
in the bag fat side up with one cup of beef broth and two or three bay
leaves. Lay the bag in a pan and be sure to punch a couple holes in the top
of the bag to let steam escape, or else it will explode! You can also add
carrots and potatoes to the bag if you wish. Cook in a low oven
(about 275 degrees) for about 3 hours. I've also cooked it on a low temp
in an electric skillet w/o the bag and have had much success. I think the
key to it being tender is the slow cooking and the broth
(you may need more than a cup if you opt for the electric skillet).
Hope this helps someone!

Posted by Gail on February 07, 1998

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