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Buttery English Toffee

1 lb. Butter
2 c Sugar
1/2 c Water
2 T Light Corn Syrup
1/2 c Almond powder
8 oz Chocolate Bar
Chopped walnuts, pecans or almonds

Butter a cookie sheet or dripper pan, set aside. Butter sides of a heavy 2 quart saucepan.
In saucepan melt butter, add sugar, water, corn syrup and almond powder.
Bring to boiling.

Clip candy thermometer to pan.
Cook and stir constantly over medium heat until 290, soft-crack stage (15-20 mins.)
Mixture will turn brown, be extra careful after 280 to make sure it doesn’t scorch.

Pour mixture into pan. Let stand 5 mins. Sprinkle top with small chocolate pieces.
Let stand 2 mins until chocolate melts.
Spread chocolate, sprinkle with nuts. Chill until firm.

*Optional. This is the "“secret ingredient" in my toffee (shhhh!)
Also, you will probably not find powdered almonds at the store.
I buy almond pieces and blend them in the blender.

Note: Toffee must be loved like a child. It takes constant attention and patience.
Make sure you have 30 mins undisturbed time before you begin.
Once you start, there is no stopping until it is finished.

Posted by Ann on December 10, 1997

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