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Bunnies and Easter Don't Mix
There they are - in most pet stores, advertised on the roadside in the country - Rabbits or Bunnies for sale and its almost Easter; what a nice Easter present! Think again. Rabbits and Ducks do not make suitable substitutes for candy and eggs at Easter. If you want a cute cuddly animal a child will delight in holding, a well made stuffed animal is an excellent suggestion. That way when the child loses interest, the live pet doesn't end up abandoned or neglected.

Rabbits are not passive and cuddly. They are ground-loving creatures who feel frightened and insecure when held and restrained. They have powerful back legs and use them very well to escape danger by kicking or scratching. Most small children are not capable of handling a rabbit correctly and it will sooner or later result in a painful scratch, a kick or a bite.

Rabbits are not what you could classify as "low-maintenance" pets. They have a life span of 10 years and require as much work as a dog or cat or any other live animal you would choose to keep as a pet. Their cage needs to be cleaned daily, they need fresh food and water, they need things suitable to chew on and they also require vet care.

If you keep your rabbit indoors your home must be bunny-proofed or it will become a chew toy. Rabbits love to chew, in fact they need to chew. Electrical cords and furniture are as welcome to rabbits as anything else to chew on. Rabbits like to be fed and watered at a regular routine time; failure to do so can often cause them to be stressed, causing illness. Their bedding must be kept clean and dry at all times. They can be litter trained, but this takes time and it is not always successful. You will find that rabbits should be spayed or neutered or they will mark your house with feces and urine.

Rabbits can and do make good pets, but they aren't a pet for everyone. In deciding to own a rabbit, or any other pet, do your homework FIRST. Find out what equipment and supplies you will need, the amount of time commitment involved and the finances involved before purchasing any pet. Basic info to consider before purchasing a pet can be found in our article Do Your Pet Homework.
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