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Puppy Manners
Mouthing (Play Biting)
To stop biting, you must communicate to your puppy that you do not like this behavior. When puppy bites gently, you may allow this since puppies need to learn about bite inhibition; what hurts and what does not. However, when it begins to hurt scream out "Ouch!", make firm eye contact, turn away and ignore the puppy. 15 seconds later, return your hand and see if he bites again. If so, repeat your response even louder. When your puppy finally licks your hand, praise him. Soon he will learn what makes you give attention and what results in a noise to avoid. This mimics what Mom did when her puppy was too rough.

To Stop Jumping on People who are Standing
Have the person lift his or her knee when the dog jumps up and gently tap the dogs chest while saying "Off!" in a stern voice. As soon as the dog's paws are on the ground, change your voice tone to a happy one and say "Good!". Family members should train the dog first. Next, tell your guests that your dog is in training and ask them not to pet your dog or show any attention unless all paws are on the floor. When this happens, praise and pet the dog.

To Stop Jumping on People who are Seated
It is difficult to lift your knee correctly when sitting. Instead, when the dog puts his paws up on you, grab them with both hands, squeeze them slightly and hold for a few seconds while saying "Off". Wait until the dog struggles to remove them and then let go. Be sure to praise when all paws are on the floor. Practice with your family members. Later have friends enter the house and practice with them. Remember the "Off!" command.

    Step One
      As your dog walks toward another dog, correct the dog with a leash-check or other form of negative reinforcement at the exact moment the dog displays aggression. Timing here is important because a correction after the aggression begins may cause further stimulation. Say "Leave-It!" and continue walking.
    Step Two
      As your dog walks toward another dog and looks at him, correct as above (now we are correcting him for even thinking about it.)
    Step Three
      As your dog walks toward another dog and looks away from him, praise him and give a food treat. Using positive and negative reinforcement can often times act to re-shape this behavior. However, if your dog is older and extremely aggressive with other dogs, you should consult with a qualified animal behaviorist before undertaking any behavior modification.

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