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Bird Feeding

It is recommend by most aviculturist that seeds make up only about 10-15% of a bird's diet. The other 85-90% should be pelleted food created specifically for birds and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most birds fed an all seed diet will chose only one or two types of seeds to eat and ignore the rest. Even if the seeds are coated with vitamins, this does not make for a well balanced diet. And besides, the bird does not eat the seed shell, so most of the added vitamins go uneaten. The pelleted diets were created so that the birds gets complete nutrition in every bite. They can not pick and chose specific ingredients.

It is recommended that the bird have pellets available all the time and that fruits/veggies be offered to the bird when the owner has the time to remove the spoiled fruits/veggies after a two hours time limit. Fruits/veggies should not be left in the cage for any length of time because of the growth of bacteria and molds.

It is also recommended that before purchasing your bird and supplies to do a very thorough search on different birds to decide which bird is right for you. Become familiar with the exact feeding and housing requirements suggested for the bird of your choice. you should also locate a veterinarian in your area that specializes in the care of birds.

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