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Because pets are part of our families we have devoted this area to information on common family pets.

If you have a question, or a tip regarding a pet, please post it in our pet forums! You'll also find some great deals on Pet Supplies!

New!Boarding Your Pet
Tips on Selecting
a Boarding Kennel
Bunnies and Easter Don't Mix
Items to Consider Before
Buying a Rabbit
Basic Pet Info
Basic facts on some
common Pets
Hermit Crabs
Make entertaining,
low maintenance Pets
Choosing a Christmas Pet
Make a well thought out decision
Caring For Iguanas
Care and Feeding of
Iguanas in Captivity
Before You Buy Fish
Questions to ask yourself BEFORE
you start stocking an aquarium
Fishy Hints
Basic information on a
few different kinds of fish
Changing Aquarium Water
Tank cleaning advice
Mice, Rats Gerbils & Hamsters
Advice on getting started with
one of these small pets
Information to consider prior
to purchasing a horse
Sea Monkeys!
The very sad, but touching diary of Mr.Happy's Sea Monkey adventures.
Choosing a Bird
Advice and guidelines to follow when selecting a bird.
"Do Your Pet Homework"
The general care and a rough price breakdown of some basic house pets.
Ferrets make great pets. Find out if one would be right for your family
Some tips on setting up an aquarium
Tips on red eared sliders
Dog Stuff Cat Stuff
New!Dogs & Trucks

Chained Dogs

Hints On
Clipping Your Dog's Nails

Sound Advice For
Avoiding Dog Bites

Is Your Dog Afraid of Thunder?
Loud Noises

Housebreaking Your Puppy
The Crate Debate

Beginning Training Tips

Breaking Bad Habits

Basic Training

Puppy Manners
Litter Training

Yes, You Can Train a Cat!

Good Cat, Bad Cat

Some tips for wanna be pet owners:

Choose wisely when you purchase a pet. Remember, your the one who will probably end up taking care of it. Don't get an animal that you don't have the time to take care of properly.

Don't ever spontaneously purchase or take home an animal, even if it is the cutest thing that ever lived. Choose your pet carefully, research, ask other pet owners lots of questions.

While pet stores are a good place to purchase some animals, do not rely solely on the sales-persons advice. There are many knowledgeable people who work in pet stores, there are also many who don't know diddly.

Try to find a store or private business that specializes in the animal your thinking of bringing home. There is a plethora of information on the web and from news groups and personal home pages. You might find a lot of conflicting information to sort through, but you can get a general idea of what kind of care the animal will need.

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