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Things to do The Night Before Your Vacation

The night before your vacation can be hectic, what with trying to get all the clothing washed, kids washed and in bed and suitcases packed. From experience, we've come up with some things you might want to do the night before your vacation. Perhaps the most important piece of luggage you take on your trip is your carry-on bag. It can hold a little bit of everything.

In your carry-on bag, you should include any medicines you or your children will need, including a pain reliever. If you have one of those ear thermometers, take that too. Your carry-on bag should also contain your tickets, passports and children's birth certificates if needed. Also, make sure you have a copy of these documents some where else in your luggage for safe keeping in case the originals get lost. Your carry-on bag should be large enough to hold a change of clothing for everyone since children spill and luggage sometimes decides to take a different route to your destination.

If your children are old enough to pack their own bag, make sure they have some quiet toys to keep them busy on the trip. Let them choose their favorite toys. After you've gotten them to sleep, you might want to add a new, special toy to their bag. Some small snacks in their bag is a good idea too, like raisins or animal crackers. Don't forget the gum if your children chew gum. If your child isn't old enough to pack a bag, take along a diaper bag with small toys, munchies and a bottle or pacifier for a young one to use during plane altitude changes. If your child is on formula, the are ready-to-feed cans and bottles, take a few extra along.

Make a last minute check of your home the night before. Unplug any appliances you won't need in the morning. Don't forget to unplug your coffee pot in the morning before you leave. Be sure to water your plants and pets. If you are leaving your pets at home, make sure they have plenty of food and water for two days longer than you plan to be gone. Some pets eat when they are lonely and the food you thought was enough, won't be. If you have a dishwasher, run it so you won't leave dirty dishes sitting around until your return. If you have good neighbors, it might be a good idea to let them know where you will be and for how long. Remember to stop the mail and newspaper or have someone collect them daily. Nothing tips off a burglar more than mail and papers left out for a few days. Timers for lights are relatively inexpensive and can be set to turn your lights or TV on or off at certain times, making it look as though someone is home

If you plan ahead well and have things in order before you leave, you should start your vacation off on the right foot. Nothing is worse than being caught on an airplane with a delay and no formula for baby!

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