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Welcome to our Home Improvement section. Whether you are Tim Taylor or Fred Flintstone, you'll find some great helpful hints here.

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Read our newest Pool Maintenance Article Just moved into a house with a pool? Tired of paying someone to come over and open it for you? We've got great tips on opening your pool. Keeping your pool clean and clear seems complicated, but we've got great the easy answers in Pool Maintenance - Clear Water. When summer's over, and you need to get ready for winter, you'll want to read our tips on Closing Your Pool.
To Pool Maintenance - Clear Water

To Carbon Monoxide and Heating Safely This article reprinted from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers advice on Carbon Monoxide and Heating Safely.

Is that dripping faucet keeping you awake at night? Our Water System page offers basic plumbing information on everything from learning how much water it takes to water your lawn to repairing a leaking faucet. To The Water System

To Doors and Windows Suggestions for solving many common door and window problems may be found in our doors and windows article; as well as tips on caulking doors and windows, and instructions on how to replace window glass and screens.

Do you have hard water? Not sure if you should believe everything that the water softener salesperson tells you? We have some pointers, tips and just plain facts about
water softeners.
To Water Softeners

To Solving Indoor Air Quality Problems Indoor air pollutants are not new. In well-ventilated homes, these indoor pollutants are found at very low levels. With the move to more energy efficient housing, indoor air pollutants and the resulting negative effects on human health and well-being have intensified. We have some suggestions to help solve or lessen the possibility of indoor air quality problems.

Lead can be found in the dust, paint, and soil inside and around your home, in your food, and in your drinking water -- you probably don't know it because you cannot see, taste, nor smell the lead. Lead exposure is especially harmful to young children and babies before they are born. Adults and healthy children are at less risk but can still have high levels of lead. Find out how to reduce your family's risk of lead exposure. To Lead paint Info



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