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Welcome to our gardening section!

Preparing for Fall.
As summer turns to fall, your garden will probably start looking pretty tired and will need a splash of color as you head into winter. We've got tips and hints to help keep your garden bright for the fall and getting it ready for next spring.
To Preparing for Fall

The Basics of Canning Wondering what to do with all the great produce from your garden? LuAnn encourages you to forget about giving it all away and store it for the winter! Learn The Basics of Canning and Freezing Foods.

Caladiums are tropical foliage plants. Colorful caladiums provide a striking contrast with the green foliage of other plants. They can be used in pots, borders, and bedding plants; our article focuses onCaladiums for the Landscape. To Caladiums for the Landscape

Weed Control in Home Lawns A healthy, lush, green, stand of turf, free from weeds, is pleasing to look at and can bring a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to the homeowner. Weeds, however can be a problem to any lawn. Read our suggestions on Weed Control in Home Lawns.

Poisonous Plants New! Many indoor and outdoor plants are pretty to look at, but may be harmful or even deadly if they are accidently ingested. We've gathered a list of plants that may be poisonous. We've included a list of plants that may be poisonous to pets as well.

Pruning is one of the least understood practices of landscape maintenance. There are many things you should consider before attempting to prune your landscape shrubs and trees. We have a list of basic guidelines on Pruning Landscape Plants. To Pruning Landscape Plants

To Starting Vegetables Transplants There are several reasons for raising seedlings indoors before transplanting them later to the field. This article has everything you need to know about starting, caring for and transplanting vegetables indoors.

Houseplants can be a wonderful addition to any decorative scheme, and can also improve indoor air quality by filtering toxins and replacing oxygen. Find out about selecting, potting and fertilizing house plants. To Houseplants

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