Easter Crafts          
Easter Crafts
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Bunny Magnets - submitted by Lib
  Cut out large "egg" shapes of construction paper, or an old wallpaper sampler book. This will be your bunny head. Then cut out various shapes of different colors (circles, squares, triangles, long thin rectangles, for eyes,noses, whiskers. Also cut some ear shapes (make some bent, too). Use peel & stick magnet tape (available just about everywhere in craft department) to attach to the back of each piece.

Let your kids (and you) make different funny bunny faces on the refrigerator with the pieces. You can use wiggle eyes on some of the pieces, you can even glue one of the magnet pieces to pipe cleaners to use as whiskers. Be creative and have fun!!

Cute Bunny
  Glue cotton balls on a styrofoam egg for tail and feet. Bend white pipe cleaner around a thicker pink pipe cleaner for the ears. Add bead "eyes", a small pink pom-pom nose and thin wire whiskers. Place on a cardboard circle with hole cut out for base of egg to rest in. The cardboard can be covered with fabric or lace.
Paper Mache Eggs
  Make paper mache paste below. When cool pour into pie tin. Blow up a balloon and tape to a table. Dip strips of newspaper in paste and place carefully on balloon. Continue overlapping pieces of newspaper on balloon. Cover balloon completely and let dry. It may take overnight to dry, particularly if you've used lots of paste. Once dry decorate the dried balloon with paint or colored tissue in pretty pastel Easter colors. Finish with shellac for a shiny, glazed effect.

Paper mache paste:
1-inch pieces newspaper, newsprint or paper toweling
pie tin
paint brushes
colored tissue paper (optional)

Paper mache recipe:
1 cup water
Mix in 1/4 cup flour until thin and runny
Stir this mixture into 5 cups lightly boiling water. Gently boil for 2-3 minutes. Cool until you can dip paper into mixture without burning yourself.
Easter Grass
  Grow a miniature meadow in an Easter basket.

1 large Easter basket
1 lb wheat seed
1 lb vermiculite
plastic wrap or clear plastic bag

  A week before Easter, line a large Easter basket with plastic wrap and fill with vermiculite (about 2-inches deep). Sprinkle wheat seed on top of the vermiculite. Put the basket in the sink and add water until the seed bed is damp. You shouldn't have to water it again before Easter.

  Set the basket in a pan and place in filtered sunlight. Cover loosely with plastic wrap or a clear plastic bag to keep moist. Remove the plastic after two days. The wheat should begin to sprout during the next few days. By Easter morning you would have real Easter grass to hide your eggs in.
Bunny Mask
  Have your kids make a bunny mask!

paper plate
pink construction paper
pink and/or white pipe cleaners

  Using the paper plate, cut out eyes and nose in the plate. Cut out bunny ears from pink paper and glue to the plate. Use pipe cleaners to make whiskers, attach to plate by poking through and knotting at back, or glue on. Use yarn to tie to either side of plate to tie on head.
Chicks in a basket
  They will love this one!

egg carton
cotton balls
yellow food dye
shredded paper (optional)
bits of orange paper

  Dip one large cotton ball in yellow dye diluted with water. Let dry. Cut egg carton so you have one section. Place a bit of shredded paper (color optional) in bottom of section. When yellow cotton ball is dry draw eyes on top to make eyes. Cut out very small triangle of orange paper and glue on yellow cotton ball to make chicks beak. Sit chick in carton section to make the chick in the basket.

Eggshell Mosaic
  A great way to use up the remains of the Easter eggs.

Colored eggshells
construction paper
crayon, pen or marker

  On a piece of paper have child draw a simple design (e.g. flower, balloon, kite, egg). Spread glue in design area. Sprinkle bits of broken eggshells onto glue. Allow to dry then hang and enjoy.

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