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Halloween Safety Tips

Tips to keep children safe on Halloween
corn   Young children should always be accompanied by an adult.

corn   Have older children plan out a route and make sure you know what it is if you don't plan on accompanying them. They should only stop at houses of people you know.

corn   Use makeup instead of masks - its much easier for children to see what's around them that way.

corn   Make sure to inspect all candy BEFORE children are allowed to eat any of it - Discard unwrapped items or anything that looks like it may have been tampered with NO MATTER WHERE IT CAME FROM! Its hard to remember who handed out what in the dark and excitement, and it is always possible that even something from a trustworthy source may have been tampered with before that person bought it.

corn   Remind children to be very cautious of strangers.

corn   Have your children accept treats only in the doorway. Tell them NEVER to go inside a house, even if the person says to come in to get a treat.They should not approach houses with no lights on.

corn   Keep lit jack-o-lanterns out of the path that children will take to get to your door - set them off to the side. Tell your children not to play near lit jack-o-lanterns.

corn   Walk on sidewalks and driveways, not in the street or through yards. Cross streets at a corner or in a crosswalk.

corn   Carry a flashlight or light stick. Use reflective tape on costumes for visibility.

corn   If you would like to give out apples or a homemade goodie to good friends, include an address label so parents will know that it is safe. Labels can be taped to fruit with scotch tape and slipped in a baggie with cookies.

corn   Most importantly, always use common sense. If something seems wrong - it just might be!

corn   Don't forget to think about your pets when it comes to Halloween safety. We have a separate page on Halloween Pet Safety.

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