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The F.U.N. Place would like to share a word with you about internet links. As parents, we feel that it is our responsibility to monitor what our children have access to on the web; consequently, we have checked each and every link in this section before it was posted here to make sure that the site was of a family oriented nature. However, due to the constantly changing aspect of the internet, we cannot be responsible for the content of these links. Also, we are not able to check each and every link the pages we link to may have. Please use common sense when letting your children surf and take a few minutes to check out what they may be viewing before you let them view a site.

-The F.U.N. Place  

Nickelodeon Halloween Games for Kids
DESCRIPTION: Free Nickelodeon Halloween Kids Games

DESCRIPTION: Information on "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" as well as other fun Halloween stuff.

Halloween Safety Tips
DESCRIPTION:  Halloween Safety Tips from the U.S. Product Safety Commission

DESCRIPTION: Developed with information provided by law enforcement agencies and children's hospitals. Before your kids go out trick or treating, have them play this safety game.

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