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Positive Discipline

Here are some alternate methods for keeping preschoolers
under control without saying “No!” all the time!!
These are just a few examples, but the idea is to
tell a child what he CAN do and not what he CAN’T do.
I have found it to work very well in the preschool where I teach,
and with my own children at home.

Behavior Don't Say Do Say
Running indoors Stop running,
don't run
Use your walking feet
Hitting , pushing Stop, no,
don't hit
We take care of our friends, ask your friend what you can do to make him feel better
Throwing rocks or sand Stop/don't throw Rocks (sand) stay(s) on the ground
Talking too loud,
yelling indoors
Be quiet,
hush up
Use your inside voice
Pushing/shoving Don't push Put your safe bodies on

Submitted by: Linda Joiner (tigger)


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