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Toutz devised this chore plan after reading articles in several different parenting magazines. It works well for her family; they have been using it for sometime, and it even works with their son who has ADHD. Her son's psychologist has shared this plan with other parents and clients of his.

Toutz says "We established a chore box, with rewards and consequences to be determined by the child doing the chores. There is no arguing with the plan because the child determines how it works". If you need more info on this plan, please e-mail Toutz.

-Submitted by Toutz

  1. Write a list of chores on paper. Cut the chores into individual strips. Fold them up so that the chore can not be seen and put them into a container.

  2. Make a list of numbers to represent dollar amounts - including zero dollar amounts. Also cut these apart, fold, and put into a different container.

  3. Make "chore money" that the child will earn. It can be like Monopoly money or anything you choose.

  4. Make a list of some of the things that "Chore Money" can be exchanged for. Give each item a "Chore Money" value. One example might be 1 hour of TV time will cost $3 in Chore Money

  5. Have your child draw a chore from the chore container and complete it.

  6. After the chore is done to your satisfaction, have your child draw a number from the dollar amount container to see how much they earned for the chore they just completed.

  7. Give your child the "Chore Money" and an envelope to keep it in. Be sure that your child understands that they are responsible for the money and if they lose it, they start over.

  8. If a child doesn't want to do any chores, then they do not earn anything. As the other children in the house earn and spend, try to make a big deal out of how much the others got and how they spend it. Make a day out of cashing in chore money and spending it.
Some chores can be cleaning the toilet, wiping off counter tops, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, putting away silverware and dishes, feeding pets, taking out trash, helping with younger siblings. All chores should be adjusted according to age and ability.

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