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I am always asked these questions about add-adhd:

The following is the definition of ADD and the criteria for diagnosis. What i would like to stress is: IF YOU THINK YOUR CHILD IS ADD OR ADHD....PLEASE TAKE THEM TO A KNOWLEDGEABLE PEDIATRICIAN!! They know what to do and can steer you in the right direction.

What is ADD?

Attention Deficit Disorder is a term used to describe a group of children (and adults) with many things in common. While many of the characteristics of ADD are present in all children at times, they will be more intense and persistent in the ADD child. Without proper early intervention, many will develop social and family problems.

ADD is not easily diagnosed. A diagnosis is arrived at through a combination of careful educational testing, parental and teacher interviews, and a thorough medical evaluation. Each child diagnosed as having ADD is an individual who is unique . The following characteristics my be present in varying degrees, although each child with ADD is different.

ADD Symptoms:



ADHD includes all the characteristics above but with the addition of hyperactivity.


Diagnostic criteria for 314.01 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
note: consider a criterion met only if the behavior is considerably more frequent than that of most people of the same mental age.

A) A disturbance of at least six months during which at least eight of the following are present:

Note: the above items are listed in descending order of discriminating power based on data from a national field trail of the Small criteria for disruptive behavior disorders.

B) Onset before the age of seven

C) Does not meet the criteria for a Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Criteria for severity of ADD/ADHD:


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