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Posted by Pd2BMom on February 07, 1999 at 15:08:23:

I found this cute idea on another web-site. They are very easy to make.

Kitchen Towel Bunny

You will Need:

1 dishtowel (for the body...plain or small print work best
2 washrags (in a color that works with the dishtowel) the same colors work
real well also.
Satin ribbon in the same color as the towel/washrags

Fold the dishtowel in thirds (the long way) so that the fringe is on the top
and the

Take each of the washrags and starting at one corner, roll to the
middle...then roll the
opposite corner in to meet it...One will be the ears and the other will be
the arms.

Fold the top part of the dishtowel down about 1/3 of the way...take the
"ears" and lay
them inside the fold...Grab the ears by the points and pull up tightly then
tie with a piece of ribbon as close to the dishtowel as you can (tie a bow
with the ribbon). Then tie
another bow under the bulge you made with the ears (this makes the head).
Now slide
the "arms" in between the back and front of the dishtowel up to the "neck"
and tie a
bow under... this makes the waist. Bring the "hands"to the front and cross
and tie at the "wrists" with another bow.

You should have a little lady bunny ready to hold some wooden spoons.

This sounds more complicated than it helps to have two people to tie the bows. You can make one of these in 5 minutes.

*This is another post for ideas to put in the bunny's 'arms'.*

In their arms I've put small clay pots with a sunflower, I decorated 6"
shovels and rakes with spanish moss and flowers, I used fake
two are alike so far. I also thought that it might be cute to make a stand
so if someone didn't have wall space. I took 5x7 wooden ovals, drilled a
hole in the center, cut a dowel stick and put the bunny on that.

This is the website bb that has this cute idea. There are many other ideas there too. Check it out!

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