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Posted by Zaida on July 09, 1999 at 23:31:05:

Tomato Cage Birdbath
When you're starting a garden on a budget, structures like birdbaths and arbors can be
dreamed-about luxuries for "someday." But Beth Francisco of Colorado created a bird-bath
that almost anyone can afford.
She tied the string in a criss-cross pattern between the rings on the tomato cage, then
anchored the cage in the ground. Next, she set the plastic saucer in the top of the
tomato cage and planted her vines around the "trellised" tomato cage's base. Beth says,
"Combinations of flowers look super!"
Then all that was left was to sprinkle some decorative gravel in the tray and fill it
with water. This birdbath is easy to clean up, too. Just lift the tray out of the tomato
cage, rinse it and refill.
Beth also says she spray-painted her tomato cage green and used green string to help it
blend in and show off the real attractions: blooming vines and bathing birds.

Go to the site listed above to view the photo. It is really a creative idea.

Posted by Zaida on July 09, 1999 at 23:31:05:

I found a photo of a Victorian Bunny made out of the tomato cage... but no directions.

Posted by Zaida on July 09, 1999 at 23:31:05:

Christmas topary made out of the cages.
What do you do with tomato cages in the off season? Heres a fabulous idea. Take a tomato
cage and turn it upside down for a holiday topiary you can paint, bundle with wire and
wrap with lights (you can also use chicken wire, rolled into a cone).
First, break some boxwood in pieces and fill in the entire area. Next, hang with holly,
pepper-berries and freeze-dried pomegranates. Top it off with a paper-mache star or
other decoration.

Visit Rebeccas' Garden site (URL above) for full directions and photos.

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