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Posted by Zaida on December 28, 1998 at 22:32:52:

How to Cover Photo Albums or 3 ring Binders

Album: purchase a photo album or a 3 ring binder approzimately 10" x 11
1/2". If you purchase a 3 ring binder, inside pages are avaliable at most
stores where albums are sold.

Fabric to Cover Albums: 3/4" yard of cotton, satin, velvet, velveteen,
taffeta, or lace favric for outside and inside covers of ambum. This will
also cover frame (unlessshrred) and extra panel behind frame if using same
fabric on all. Note" Tapestry ablum and farmae can be covered with 1/2 yard
of tapestery if 1/3 yard taffeta or other favric is used for inside lining
of album and backing on frame. Albums with shirred frames require 1 yard.
Note" If using lace fabric , you will need the same amount of satin for
Contrasting Fabric to Cover Frames: 1/4 yard for all but shirred frame,
1/2 yard for shirred frame.

Trim : 2 yards of gathered eyelet , lace, or muslin trim for around edge
of 10" x 11 1/2 " album with 2" backbone.... 1 1/8 yards for around extra
front panel.... 1 yard for around frame and 1/2 yard for inside edges of
frame or small center frame.

Ribbon Ties: 1 yd. of 1" satin ribbon.

Batting: 1/3 yard of 1" thick 100% polyester batting for albums. Use 1"
thick batting on shirred frames. Use thin batting for all other frames or
separate thick into 2 layers.

Cardboard: use stiff cardboard such as #200 illustration board for frames.
use lighter weight poster board for extra front panel and inside cover

Glue: Thick white Tacky Glue.

Special Supplies: Ribbon Roses (for front covers)Tassels, fur trim, pearls
by the yard all all a few extras that can be used.

Directions for Basic Fabric Album

1. Remove Pages. Place opened album over wrong side of fabric. Measure and
cut fabric 1-3/4" from edge all around. Note: If using lace with satin
lining, cut both same size. Baste together around edge and use as 1 piece.

(image: fpalbum_dir1.jpg)

2. Lay album open flat on 1" thick batting. Mark around edge of album with
flet tip pen. Cut batting on marked line.
(image: fpalbum_dir2.jpg)

3. Cut 2 strips of fabric 2-1/2" wide and same length as backbone of
Apply a thin line of tacky white glue in groove next to metal. Spread
smooth with craft stick or finger.

4.Slide strip of fabric under edge of metal. Use tip of table knife to help
push fabric under any tight spts. Apply a thin line of glue under outer
edge of fabric. Press fabric down with fingers.

5. Repeat step 4 on opposite side of metal.

6. Center batting over wrong side of fabric. Place album, opened flat, over
batting .Apply a thin layer of glue to all 4 corners of album.

7. Bring fabric tightly up ovetr corners as shown. Hold with pins until

8. Apply a line of glue across complete bottom edge of album, including
backbone. Spread with craft stick to smooth. At end of metal , fold raw
edge of fabric under 1/4" . Use table knife to help slip folded edge under

9. Now continue pulling fabric up over entire bottom edge.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 on top edge of album. Check often to be sure
is smooth on front side and there are no wrinkles. Apply glue to side edges
adn pull fabric over as shown.

11. Apply a thin line of glue around inner edges of album. Start at center
bottom and place gathered lace , eyelet, or corded piping (shown on
tapestry album image in attachments) over glued edge as shown. Note: if
using corded piping, apply tacky glue to cut edges to prevent raveling.

12. To keep corners full and avoid a pulled look, pinch up lace or eyelet
about 1/4" at corners. Hold as shown , then continue to next corner. Go
around entire album in this manner. Note: Corded piping is simply eased
around corners.

13. Apply a dot of glue to corners under lace. Bring center point of excess
lace down to corner then pin in place. Fold rest of lace over to corner and

14. Cut 2 pieces of 1" wide ribbon 18" long. Glue to center of both side
edges on inside . Be sure shiny side of ribbon is down.

15. Measure and cut 2 pieces of poster board to fit inside covers. Start
measureing width 1-3/4" from metal backbone. Check to be sure poster board
covers raw edge of lace, but doesn't overlap edges of album.

16. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 1" larger all around than poster board. Center
poster board over wrong side of fabric. Apply a thin layer of glue to
corners and bring fabric over as shown. Apply glue around edges and bring
fabric over.

17 Apply a thin line of glue around inside edges of fabric covered poster
board. Position wrong side down , over inside of album. Insert pins at
corners and along edges until glue sets.

18. Album Front Panel. This panel is optional. Cut cardboard 8"x9". Cut
fabric 1" larger all around and cover same as step 16. Glue 1/2" or 1" wide
lace around edge on wrong side following directions in steps 11-13. then
glue to front of album as shown in (image:fpalbum_dir18.jpg)

How to Cover Frames for Album Fronts & Pictures.
Photos for this is in Attachents (image:fptopalbum_dir.jpg)

1. Trace frame pattern from pattern sheet onto stiff cardboard. Use a sharp
mat knife to cut out frame. Cute 1/2" thick batting same size as frame. Do
not cut out center opening.
2. Glue batting to frame. Center the frame and batting over wrong side of
fabric. (batting down) . Spread a thin layer of glue around edge of frame
and bring fabric over . Ease at corners.
3. Hold scissor perpendicular to edge of frame center and cutting batting as
shown. We use this method so edge of frame will be covered with batting .
Cut Batting only, Not Fabric.
4. Cut out a circle of fabric about 1" from edge of center opening. Make
slashes in fabric around opening. Be careful to keep slashes 1/8" away from
edge of frame.
5. Spread a thin layer of glue around center frame opening on wrong side.
Pull favric over and hold with pins until glue sets. Check right side often
to see if favric is smooth.
6. Apply a thin line of glue around outer edge of frame on wrong side .
Start at center bottom and glue lace around edge. Narrow lace can be glued
around center opening. Note: Frame can now be glued to album. Be sure to
leave open space at top of frame to insert photo.

Posted by zaida on January 08, 1999 at 15:44:59:

I found a few great sites with very informative directions on how to make the Fabric Covered Photo Albums that I have been making for about six years now.

Photo Album
By Wyla Laces
This album could be made for many people this spring, brides, babies, coaches, teachers, Mom's and Grandma's. Printed theme fabric, lace or other ribbons and rickrack can give this album a whole different look.
(photo below)

Nancys Notions Sewing Room Library - Photo Albums

Posted by Jocelyn on August 01, 1999 at 13:53:21:

How about wallpaper fridge-frames? These frames are easy to make and a great (and decorative) way to display all those grandkid pictures. Buy a cheap 5x7 matte with a 3 1/2 x 5 opening and use it as a template. Trace it onto posterboard and cut it out ( use an exacto blade for the center) trace the same matte on the back side of the wallpaper and cut out (leaving about 1/2" extra around the outer edge) Draw an x from corner to corner in center opening and cut
with scissors or blade. Snip off the points,leaving about 1/2" excess. Place posterboard matte onto wallpaper using pencil outline to line it up. Fold and crease wallpaper over inner and outer edges and glue (white glue, glue stick or hot glue all work fine). Cut another piece of posterboard slightly smaller than the first one and glue to the back (glue on 3 sides only, leaving 1 side open to slide in photo. Attach 2 pieces of sticky-backed
magnetic strips to the back and you're done! I've made and sold lots of these at craft fairs. Wallet sizes are popular too, also fabric and contact paper can be used in place of the wallpaper.

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