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Posted by Joan on January 16, 1999 at 00:25:40:

I would probably start with a natural oil base, something light, like almond oil or safflower oil, even olive oil if you like a very thick oil. Add a few drops of essential oil in the scents you like until its the desired fragrance. If you want to make it fancy, you could put it in a pretty bottle with just a hint of food coloring (don't want to color your massagee!) and a few sprigs of herbs to make it pretty. You could add rose petals to rose scentsd oil, a sprig of mint to a minty oil, etc.

You may want to consult some aromatherapy info so you pick a scent that would be pleaseing during a massage, some scents are relaxing, others invigorating.

Stay away from baby oil or mineral oil, it's not good for the skin like natural plant oils are.

some neat masage hints, use a small shallow dish to hold the oil and place it on a heating pad or in front of a small heater fan to keep the oil warm, then during the massage you need only reach over and dip your fingers into the oil, rather than stop, open the bottle, our the oil, close the bottle, etc then ssplash cold oil onto a warm back, when your done you can pour the excess oil back into the bottle. If you dont heat the oil first, awlys rub it between your hands before applying it, so its warm. There is nothing that will bring you out of that relaxed warm fuzzy massage haze faster than a splash of ice cold oil!
Also, don't forget that after a really relaxing massage, a hot bath or shower will help clear the pores and help the body flush out toxins, etc.

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