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Posted by Joan on April 27, 1999 at 17:19:39:

We made Ladybug magnets very simply one day

get magnet dots, big red pompoms, little black pom poms, some black felt.

A grown up uses scissors to cut the black felt into thin strips for antennea (or a U shape so they can easily glue on both antenae at once) and use a hole punch to cut 4 black spots for each ladybug.

Then the kids get to glue the little black pompom onto the bg red one, then glue the red pompom to the magnet dot. Then, glue the black dots to the red pom pom, 2 on each side, then add the antenae to the black pom pom,and maybe add some googly eyes to the black pompom if your feeling silly.

Let dry! then they have a cute little fridge magnet! You could also use a clothespin in between the magnet and the pom poms for a fridge note holder.

If pom poms are too much trouble (they can be hard to glue together and you have to give the glue sometime to set, you could instead try using flat bits of funfoam, a red circle, a black circle for a head, little black dots on the red part for the spots, etc. It can still be made into a magnet, but it will be flat instead of 3D. A little easier to glue though!

Posted by Patsy on April 28, 1999 at 10:43:05:

How about taking those laundry detergent scoops with handles, punch a hole in the bottom. Take a two foot piece of cording, and poke through the bottom of scoop. Tie a knot, so the knot is now inside the scoop. Take ping-pong balls, and have the children paint them like ladybugs. Have an adult poke a hole through the ping-pong ball, and thread the other end of the cording through the ball, tying a knot on the other side of the ball. You now have one of those crafts where they flip the ball into the scoop.

Posted by ali on May 02, 1999 at 20:00:04:

To make Ladybugs, I used to get smooth round stones and let the kids paint them red and then do the dots and eye's with black paint. antenna's are optional


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