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Posted by Ling on June 09, 1999 at 00:51:07:

I enjoy giving home-made gifts for the holidays. I normally give home-made chili, soup mixes, etc. I am
: interested in any ideas along these lines. Thank you in advance.

ALOHA Denise,

I think of a Menu for making food gift basket.

Like your CHILI Basket, I would include a box of crackers - the chili packet mix - and extra fixings to add into the chili like a can of beans, a medium onion, a bell pepper, and maybe a can of whole tomatoes & can of corn to make it Chili corn carne. The receiver just needs to add his/her preference of ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken.

For a SNACK basket great for watching a home video some, peanuts, microwave popcorn, red vines couple bars of snickers & maybe a can or two of soda pop. The rest of the FUN is up to the receipient.

How bout a STEW basket?? Stew Packet mix, with the rest of the ingredients like the onion, celery, carrots, potatoes, and fresh herbs maybe - all they have to add is the Beef or chicken.

PIZZA Basket: 1 ready to bake pizza dough thingy, cheese (shredded Mozarella & cheddar), pizza sauce and pepperoni. Just prepare and Bake.

TACO Basket - Box of Taco shells, bottle of Taco Sauce, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce - receiver just add the ground beef to it.

These are pretty simple and just a sample of some that I have done.


Posted by Fantasia on September 24, 1999 at 20:07:07:

I have basket ideas, but not jar ideas......unless you count bath oils.

i go to the body shop and get the unscented oils then have them add the scents...its all easy after that: just pour into a pretty bottle with a cork and dip the cork into parafin wax to seal it. Put the bottle in a basket with a fluffy towel and a loofa/poofy scruby thing and VOIOLA! a cheap and pretty gift basket! You can add anything that goes with a bath (little shampoos/conditioners lotion....etc).

I also do coffee break baskets for teachers/busdrivers. They are SOOOOOOOOO simple!!!!!!
I put a coffee mug, single pot size bag of coffee, a few chocolates, a spoon, a couple sweet n low/sugar and a couple dry creamers in. Then I add a small loaf of some kind of breakfast bread or a few muffins or cookies (pretty much whatever I am in the mood to make). Wrap the whole thing up in some colorful plastic stuff and hand it over with a big grin.

Way down here in FLorida we also do beach baskets. A big towel, sun lotion/sunscreen. one of those cheapy sun visors and a cheapy pair of sunglasses. Add a shovel and a little bucket and you're good to go.

I am tired of typing now so if you want more ideas libbypoo email me........I've got a book of gifts in a basket (most under $20).

Posted by Zaida on September 24, 1999 at 23:53:20:

Last year I made up homemade raspberry and strawberry jam. During the holidays I gave a jam jar, decrotive spoon tyed to the jar, a loaf of homemade bread all bundled in raffia placed in a basket.
I love to get gifts that are made... it is nice to know someone cares enough to put some heart into a gift.

Posted by mom1boy on September 27, 1999 at 11:36:42:

I am also doing baskets for Christmas and decided to do two different types. THe first will have the layered cookies, homeade hot chocolate mix (I found the recipe on the internet), homeade spiced tea mix (also from the internet) chocolate dipped spoons, chocolate dipped cinammon sticks and choc. dipped peperment sticks. I also found two cute coffee cups at the dollar store and plan on putting them in there. The other kind of basket is going to have bottled flavored vinegar (rec. on internet), layered soup mix (in a jar), seasoned rice in a jar, and maybe a cookie in a jar.

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