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Posted by Lynette on January 25, 1999 at 16:21:18:

At Easter time I make bunnies out of clay pots and they are extremely easy.
1 clay pot (size is up to you)
white spray paint
moveable eyes
1 pink pom-pom
3 white pom-poms
white and pink felt
glue gun
black permanent marker

1. spray the pot white; inside and out. Let dry.
2. glue eyes, pink pom-pom for nose, 2 white ones for the mouth, 1 white one for the tail in back.
3. cut ears out of white and pink felt and glue to the inside of the pot so that they stick up.
4. draw whiskers with marker
5. fill w/ easter grass and candy.
I give these as teacher gifts and they are absolutely adorable.

Posted by zaida on December 28, 1998 at 11:41:36:

It's a Clay Pot Soldier! Its made out of the big clay pots you can buy at your local hardware or garden store. What you need are five 11 inch pots, acrylic paint -red, navy, black and gold. A 5ft tall threaded steel dowel rod from your local hardware
store (about $1.50) and 7 big washers and nuts to fit the screw rod. First clean the pots. Paint one of the pots black with a gold shape like a upside comma on the front. The hat will be used with the pot upside down, The next is the face pot and it is used right side up. Paint the rim of the pot black all the way around then paint two round eyes the size of poker chips and black mustache on the body of the pot. The mustaches are painted
as two closely set round circles just below and between the eyes and then you pull the paint to a point one on each side of the face. Next are the red cheeks. They’re a little smaller than the eyes. Paint one on each side at the same height. Now we’re ready for the shirt pot, it’s mostly red. Paint this pot upsidedown. You’ll want to paint the rim of the pot black for the belt. After the red paint is dry paint three gold buttons down the
front of his shirt, the size of his cheeks. Now for the pants pot which is navy. This pot is used right side up. Paint the rim black and the rest navy. Now the feet pot us another upside down pot and all black. You can paint a buckle on the belt of the pants if you want. To set up the soldier stack the pots from the bottom up and run the rod threw each pot’s drainage hole putting a washer and a nut on each side to keep it strong. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the nuts, you can crack or break the pots.

Creative idea.... Great gift idea that you can make for any special occation.
I have personally painted on terra Cotta pots and I find that the Acrylic paints work best.

Posted by ashmark on December 28, 1998 at 12:01:54:

Below is a list of URL's I found about clay pot crafts. I hope these links are helpful to you. (rudolf) (painted pots) (velvet flower pot) (links to different projects) (a few more projects) (candy planter) (bunny buddies)

Posted by Fantasia on December 28, 1998 at 21:16:03:

take a clay pot and cover it with ceramic tile grout. embed pieces of tile, jewelry, broken china, marbles, anything you can think of. apply another layer of grout to "seal" the pieces in. wipe off excess grout from tile pieces before drying. TADA! a mosaic is waterproof also and can be used for dry or live plants!

Posted by zaida on December 29, 1998 at 19:05:52:

Garden Friends: Ladybug in a Pot
Basic supplies, Hygloss papers: Red; colored paper; Black Velour paper; two 12mm Hygloss wiggle eyes; clay pot; handful of spanish moss; oasis foam; paper punch
Follow the basic instructions given to transfer and cut out the pattern. Cut out two body pieces from the black velour paper. Cut out the wings from the red paper. Punch 12 dots from the velour paper using the paper punch. Glue six dots to each side of the wings as shown. Cut a 1/8 " x 2-1/4" strip of black velour paper. Glue to the middle of the wings as shown. Glue the wiggle eyes to the face as shown. Glue the craft stick between the two black velour body pieces as shown.
Write "Garden Friends" on the front of the pot as shown. Glue the oasis foam and moss into the pot. Push the craft stick into he foam (pot) as shown to secure.

Posted by A Friend on January 11, 1999 at 21:42:46:

I dont know if you meant to use the clay pot for plants, but if you dont ....

1) glue a pom pom ball on top of an upside down pot, cut two, 2" long 1/4" wide strips of felt and glue them inside of the felt (to make legs).
You can add ears, arms, etc. Make a chick for Easter, etc.

2) start with one small upside down pot, glue rightside up pot on top. Repeat, as many times as you wish ending with one right side up. Paint, decorate etc. and add a candle to the inside of the top pot. VOILA a candle holder any child would be thrilled to make!!

Posted by Zaida on March 04, 1999 at 15:17:08:

Clay Pot MAN
Materials Needed:
1. Assorted PVC from your local hardware store.
2. 2 large (12")terra cotta pots
3. 2 medium (7")terra cotta pots
4. 6 small (4")terra cotta pots
5. Potting Soil / Ivy Vine

1.Peice together a cross type frame out of PVC peices. You are going to want to use
at least 2-1/2" pipe for the base of your 'skeleton'. See Image 1 below.

2. Fit one large terra cotta pot in about 2" of good top soil for the base of your
pot figure. You are going to run the PVC thru the hole in the bottom of the pot.
3. Be sure the PVC 'skeleton' is in the ground at least 6".
4. Directly in front of the base pot dig two 3" holes for the leg pots of your figure.
Cover the medium terra cotta pots 1/2 way in these holes.
5. The arms are made by running the small terra cotta pots up through the PVC hanging
from the main joints of the skeleton. Use Joint peices of PVC to connect the 'shoulders'
and the 'elbows'. To keep the pots in place put additional PVC attachements at the
bottom of each terra cotta pot in the inside.
Additional Ideas
Use ivy vine to 'fill' in the gaps and to cover up the PVC joints.
In the fall season use craft moss found at any craft store as filler.
Paint designs such as faces or jewelery on the terra pots.
Add a decorated straw hat.

Posted by Marilyn on June 18, 1999 at 16:06:21:

I'm working on a cute craft for my fall Applefest Show. I use 4 in. clay pots & saucers - I paint them a Harvest orange, add a pumpkin face to the pot (pot should be upright), then I write "Treats" on the saucer (the saucer is upside down and works as a lid for the pot). I then spatter black & white paint on the saucer & pot and add a few coats of varnish. Then take a wooden spool (I don't know the size off-hand, just one that will look okay on the saucer). I paint the wooden spool green, glue it to the saucer bottom (which is now the top), add some silk leaves & a piece of curled wire and you have a pumpkin treat jar. I saw a jar that was painted as a strawberry - my friend said, "That would be cute as a pumpkin." So I came home and made these up. They are really cute!

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