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Posted by zaida on December 17, 1998 at 21:51:58:

I want to share this site with you. I have used it many times this season. My favorite is the potpourri recipes.

Posted by Kalynbea on December 19, 1998 at 18:40:30:

I am new at this, but will try to explain this neat craft I recently learned. You need 8 plastic coated coat hangers. Make sure they are all reasonably the same size. Shape the first two in the shape of the letter "A" with the hooks in the middle. Continue to add hangers, circling into a tree shape, still keeping the hooks inside the middle of your tree shape. Keep hangers together using electrical tape.
After all hangers are taped together, wrap from top to bottom with small strand of your choice of colored or white Christmas tree lights. Tape each light to outside of hangers as you circle them from top to bottom.
When lights are finished add glittered garland to hide the skeleton of your tree and tape. Again wrap from top to bottom hiding the end of your garland under the bottom of your tree. Be sure to leave about an inch at the bottom of your tree uncovered so your "tree legs", or hanger ends will stand level. There is an enormous amount of garland and lights variety.
Sixth graders taught me this craft so I know it is a very simple project. They presented these miniature trees to our local Nursing Home residents as gifts. All their supplies were under $5 per tree at the local Dollar store. Good luck and Happy Holidays! :)


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