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Posted by Jackie on September 06, 1999 at 15:11:58:

For the used cd cases I have placed pictures in them and then decorated it.I then hung it on my wall. My 4 year daughter loves hanging on her bedroom walls.

Posted by Adele on January 01, 1988 at 18:44:19:

here are some other cd projects. Only thing is...I don't know how to "direct" people to these first projects, except the "long" way. I tried right-clicking on them & clicking on PROPERTY, to get their addy, but they still had ga-zillion character address'. So, it has to be the the long way, I guess. (^: Adele
Click on

1. Go to bottom of page & click on "NEXT PAGE".

2. Scroll down & click on "More Recycling with CD'S" & there's
instructions for a "CD clock". (No picture, tho.)

3. Go to the bottom of the page & click on "back"

4. Go to bottom of page & click on "next".

6. Fifth project down, is "Making a mobile out of CD'S". No
pictures on this one, either.
GREAT PHOTO'S of cd crafts here.
Angel with cd glued behind her.

Posted by Lori on September 19, 1999 at 17:48:36:

Here'a a page that use cd's.
I have also glued 2 cd's together with super glue and cut a snowflake with the scrollsaw. The plastic melts as you cut so first cover cd with masking tape, draw pattern on that and cut. The tape picks up some of the heat. Attach tread and hang from window curtain rod. Very pretty when the sun reflects.

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