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Posted by Donna on January 23, 1999 at 21:32:17:

An easy way to make bags is the use a cereal box as a pattern (it doesn't matter if it is full or empty). Wrap paper around the box like you are wrapping a gift, but only close the one side. Pull the box out and decorate with cut outs, rubber stamps, etc. Fold the top of the bag inwards 1-2 inches to reinforce the edge. Punch 2 holes on each side and use jute or ribbon to make handles. If you want more support on the bottom cut a piece of cardboard to fit.

Posted by arrowcaf on March 21, 1999 at 23:05:54:

I couldn't stand to waste all that pretty paper at my baby shower, so I thought of a way to make a wreath from it.

At my baby shower, I took a small knife and carefully slit the tape on gifts so I could save the paper. Later, I flattened the paper, removed what tape I could and cut the paper into squares (about 5x5 or 6x6 depending on the size of the paper) The squares don't have to all be the same size, nor do they have to be exactly square. I just divided the paper so I could get as many squares as possible of about the size needed.

I took a straw wreath and wrapped chicken wire (the wire with the circular holes in it, available at hardware or gardening centers) around it to mold the wire to the shape. The wire should be wrapped in such a way as to have the front, outside, and inside intact, and then the back of the wreath is where the two edges of the wire meets. You then want to remove the straw wreath so that you have a shell. If this is unclear, email me and I will try to clarify.

Now that you have the wire wreath, you take 2 pieces of paper, place them together with pretty sides out and bring the corners together, and kind of mash the center so it holds this shape (like a flower or cone shape). Stick the pointy end into a hole. Continue with the rest of the paper until the holes on the front, outside and inside of the wreath are filled. Don't do the back. It would be best to secure the paper as you go to the wreath with hot glue drops. Otherwise, they fall out everytime it is bumped. As you are filling up the holes, vary the paper designs so you have a good mix.

Place a ribbon through a hole in the back and make a loop to hang, or you can hang from a hole in the back. You can then attach a ribbon bow with streamers at the bottom of the wreath.

This turned out surprisingly pretty. I have had tons of complements on it, and people are so surprised when I tell them that I made it from my shower paper.

This would also be pretty with a bridal shower and a nice reminder in the new home of all the loving gifts you got. If you have the storage space, it would also be pretty with Christmas paper.

Never waste anything ;o)

Posted by Zaida on March 25, 1999 at 10:55:59:

Looking for a Creative Bag to wrap a Mothers' Day or Easter gift in. Why not make it something personal.
Materials Needed:
1.paper raffia
2.printed gift bag (8"x10")
3.Tissue paper. Navy is used in image above.
4.tan craft paper flowers
6.happy face drawn on wood button.
7.Scallop-edge scissors fine-line marker
9.wire cutters glue gun

1.To decorate the basic gift bag you will want to cut the silk flower stems to the size of the bag. Remove the flowers head and glue on the button with smile face.
2.Precut your craft paper and print the message your personal message on the card that will be glued to the bag. Trim the edge with the scallop-edged scissors. Use hot glue to apply the front design to the gift bag.
3.Once the bag is decorated, place the tan tissue in the bag, then fill with the paper raffia. You can use the craft scissors to curl some of the ends of the raffia.
4.Use a peice of the raffia to tie a personal gift tag onto the bag handle.
Special Notes:
Most of these supplies I found at Walmart. The products are by MPR Paperblities. You can find these supllies at any major craft provider.
For a great party centerpeice, weight a balloon bouquet and tuck the weight
in decorated gift bag, then cover with shredded paper filler.

For Photo please visit the link below.

Posted by Joan on March 25, 1999 at 15:41:41:

I get end rolls of newsprint from the newspaper printshop. They give them away free! Then I wrap gifts in the newsprint and let the kids color on the presents. Sometimes we use sponges and poster paints and sponge print on the gifts. At Christmas we use sponge shapes of trees, bells, candy canes, etc. For mothers day or birthdays I'll write the name ont he gift and 'happy birthday' and then let the kids finish it. Works great for kids birthdays, mothers day gifts to grandma, etc. Everyone thinks its cute and best of all, its free! and the kids really feel proud that they helped!

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