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Posted by arrowcaf on March 21, 1999 at 23:24:39:

Looking for a different gift? Try this wreath I recently made.

You'll need a straw wreath, diapers, dental floss, curling ribbon, and small trinkets.

Take the straw wreath and tie the dental floss to it. Don't cut the floss until you are completely finished with the wreath. Take a diaper, leave it folded like they come, and squinch the center. Place the diaper against the wreath, wrap the floss around the squinched area, and then wrap the floss around the straw wreath to tie the diaper on. You should now have a diaper with the top area (the velcro or tape end) pointed toward the center of the wreath, and the bottom facing the outside. Now, do the same thing with another diaper, but place this one facing the opposite way (bottom toward center, top toward outside). Place the diapers very close together. Continue until the entire wreath is covered, then tie the floss off and cut. (The diapers are placed flat against the front of the wreath only, not all around the wreath) You can then gently unfold and "puff up" the top ends of the diaper (the end with the tape or velcro) to make the wreath look fuller. Be careful when tying the diapers with the floss so you don't tear them. The mom-to-be will want to use the diapers later.

Now, take the curling ribbon, make a large bow and place at the center of the bottom of the wreath. Take strips of the ribbon, tie one end to various spots of the bottom of the wreath, and tie trinkets to each strand. I used diaper pins, pacifiers, a purse sized waterless hand sanitizer, rattles, etc. You can use anything relatively light. Baby socks rolled up will work too.

The recipient of the wreath I made like this loved it and could not belive I didn't buy it.

Posted by arrowcaf on April 07, 1999 at 00:46:55:

I bought an extra crib sheet, cut it up, and made pillows out of the characters on the sheet (they were small bunnies, bears, and ducks). I used the frame from a friend's hand me down mobile so it would still play music and would be easy to attach to the crib. I used dental floss to tie the pillows from 2 dowels in an "+" shape, which my dh had carved slightly in the centers to fit together and drilled a hole in the center and secured together with floss. I attached the dowels to the frame, and now he has a mobile that mommy made which perfectly matches his decor.

Posted by arrowcaf on April 20, 1999 at 21:52:50:

I went to a baby shower last weekend and someone gave mom-to-be the neatest gift. It was a baby bonnet made of a handkerchief with the following poem attached.

Baby's Bonnet

This little gift is meant to bring joy
Whether the child be girl or boy
The little hat is just the size for a baby newborn
So, home from the hospital the hat is to be worn.

Now when the baby is fully grown
The future of the hat will be known.
It's a hankie made of fabric so fine
And meant for the wedding at some future time.

For the girl it will serve for "something old".
For the boy, it's for his lovely bride to hold.

I hope this gift brings delight and cheer
Because after all, it's for the baby dear.

The bonnet insructions are directly below this.

Posted by Joan on April 21, 1999 at 01:56:28:

These are remarkably easy! I hope I can explain it well in words!

Get a new hanky, some ribbon or lace trims, ribbon for the ties, thread and some small rosettes or bows.

Wash, dry and iron the hanky. Usiing a little starch would be on, since this looks good when its very crisp.

Lay the hanky in front of you and folk the right side over about an inch or 2, iron the fold. Then on th left side, fold it over about 2 or 3 inches, iron the fold, then tack with thread the corners so it doesnt unfold (the size of the folds eventually determines the size of the bonnet, big folds = small bonnet, smaller folds = bigger bonnet) In general, there should only be a little bit of space btween the edges when both sides are folded in.

Now the creative part- using a needle and thread, decorate the edges you folded over with the ribbon or lace. You can put several rows, to make a ruffly look, or just add some simple eyelet to the edge, or use eyelet on the edge, but then add a row of flat lace just beside it, etc. Its up to you. Don't do anything on the top or bottom, just decorate the folded parts.

Ok, almost done! Now, thread the needle and run an small running stich through both thicknesses of fabric, just along the fold on the left side (the side with the bigger folded part) Pull the thread so the fabric gathers. Then, tie the thread ends together so the gathered edge becomes a circle. All of a sudden, if its done right, this will look like a bonnet. Again, the amount you gather will affect the size of the bonnet so use your judgement.

Wow, it should look like a little hat now. Now, take the ribbon you got for the ties and attach it on the right side, just inside from the fold. fold the cut edge over and then use the rosettes or bows to hide the stitching. On the other end of the ribbon ties use something like fray check, or a washable craft glue, just a dab to prevent the ribbon from fraying.

That should be it, it should look like a bonnet now!
Be sure that when you make your stitches that some of that will have to be 'undone' when the baby is grown up. The ties will come off and the gathering undone, etc. So make those stiches either loosely or just big enough that someone can see them to snip them and not cut the hanky.

Personally, Id buy a bag of several hankys and experement with a few before you start your gift. That way you get anidea how your lace and rbbons look when its completed, how big to make it, etc.

Good Luck!

Posted by Joan on April 21, 1999 at 01:23:01:

directions for "cake" made of diapers

I did one of these a few years ago. The way I did it was dto get a bag of diapers, then starting with the first on, I opened it then rolled it lengthwise, then I opened another and rolled it around the first. Then Id open the rthird and roll it up around the others, etc you get he idea? as teh roll got bigger Id secure it with a few rubber bands (didn't want to mar the diapers) As you continue to add diapers you get what resembles a wheel. I made 2, 1 bigger, 1 smaller. Then, I draped teh wheels with recieving blankets and secured them on the underside with sm tape, stacked the small one onto the large one, so it looked like a 2 tiered cake, and then decorated the outside with ribbons and some baby toys.

I used disposable diapers, but if you used cloth diapers you could leav out the elastic bands and secure the diapers with diaper pins at the end of the roll. With disposables, the wheels were kinda lumpy (whith the elastic leggins etc) which was why I decided to cover the whole thing with the recieving blankets.

The mom I made it for was a co worker of DHs, when she saw it she just laughed, she had never seen a cake of diapers! She thought I had Way too much free time :) She liked it though, Dh said she kept showing it to people "look...Its DIAPERS!"

Hope that helps you some!

Posted by smurfette on June 07, 1999 at 02:54:26:

Here is a simple baby bib to make.


1 bandanna, any color
1 Washcloth that co ordinates with the bandanna.

cut the bandanna in have diagonally so you have two triangles. hem the cut edge. I usually do a rolled hem, but its not necessary.

lay out the washcloth. Center the bandanna point side down on the washcloth. Sew the triangle area where it overlaps.

The long sides are used to tie on the bib. The bandanna folds up underneath the neck, so food doesn't collect under the babies neck. You instantly have a washcloth handy when it comes time to clean up afterwards!

Posted by Stacy on August 31, 1999 at 15:13:37:

I made a diaper cake out of disposable diapers. It was easy.
I rolled a diaper length wise and then put a rubberband
around it. I did this, one at a tiem, with all of the diapers and just
filled in the rubberband until I liked the size of
the bottom tier and then did the same for the 2nd tier.
I put a baby bottle in the center of the 2nd tier and put
the rubberband around it and filled in the rubberband
with diapers. After each tier was finished, I tied a
decorative ribbon around the tier and removed the rubberband.
Around the ribbon I attached rattles, bibs, etc.

I hope this helps! I read some instructions on how to make
the cake and what I came up with seemed the easiest.

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