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How To Chat With Us

There are two ways to chat with us in our chat rooms.

Before you enter our chat rooms please read our Chat Policies.

NOTE TO WebTV USERS: To chat with us, you need to go to and follow the links set up there for WebTV. Once you are logged on to Starchat, just type in #parentskitchen as the room name.

NOTE TO AOL USERS: AOL users must pre-register with Starchat in order to chat. To do this, e-mail and they'll get you set up.

Download IRC Software
(IRC=Internet Relay Chat)
Chat From Our Website
(No Plug-In Required)

If you already have IRC chat software, you will need this information:

Ports: 6667 or 7000 (choose one)
NOTE: AOL Users MUST use Port 7000.
Room: #Parentskitchen
(or #Parentsroom if you want to attend a scheduled chat)

If you need help getting to our chat rooms or have technical questions :

Post it on our Tech Board
Email chat support at:

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