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It's easy to send a postcard to an Internet friend!

First, select one of the postcards shown below.
Then fill in the information on the form at the bottom of this page.
Finally , click on "preview button" to view the postcard before you send it.

Choose your postcard:
Dog Cat Parrot
Dog Cat Parrots
Bear Birthday Cake Birthday Frog
Birthday-Bear Birthday-Cake Frog
Roses Dancers Beach
Roses Dancers Beach
Piano Balloons Tiger
Piano Balloons Tiger
Waterfall Sunset Mountain
Waterfall Sunset Mountains

Fill in the information below:
All information is strictly confidential and will not be used for mailing lists,
junk e-mail or any other unauthorized purpose.

Please make sure the address you are sending to is correct. We are not able to redirect lost e-mail and we cannot notify you if your card did not go to the sender because of an incorrect address. The only notice we receive is that the e-mail was undeliverable to the recipient's address but we do not receive the sender's address, making it impossible to notify you, the sender. Also, some AOL users have blocked e-mail from senders outside AOL. This e-mail then ends up as lost e-mail. So, again, please make sure the address you are sending to is a correct, working e-mail address.
Name of Recipient:
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Check here to be notified by e-mail when your postcard is picked up by the recipient.

Postcard script by Freescripts

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