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The Scoop on Windows98
Windows 98
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Availability: Out Now
Price: $189 US Full • $89 US Upgrade
Windows 98
Do You Need Windows 98?
Windows 98 by itself is not a big noticeable difference, if you want to see a visable difference you really need to load the Plus Package.

Windows 98 is faster than Windows 95. It’s less buggy. It sports cuter icons. It can even clean up its own mess, to some extent.

Is it worth the $89 dollar upgrade? You decide...
The first thing you will notice about Windows 98 is that setup has been redesigned and streamlined to improve the experience for existing Windows 95 users upgrading to Windows 98. There is no longer a need to do a full hardware detection during the initial setup. Windows 98 setup also uses information from pre-installed applets and utilities so that you do not have to set those preferences again.

If you’ve been using Windows 3.1 because of fears about 95’s stability, an upgrade to Windows 98 is a smart move. However, it's doubtful that any person holding off at the Windows 3.1 stage has the necessary hardware capability to use an Operating System designed for technology developed at least three years later.

The New Stuff:
Microsoft designed the operating system to work and play better. Windows 98 offers full Internet integration with key Internet Explorer technologies that simplify desktop and Web navigation. In addition, the system's new Help feature includes trouble shooting wizards and Web-based help, so people can find the information they need more quickly. Windows 98 is also faster. It speeds operations such as opening applications, accessing the Internet and shutting down the PC. And Windows 98 includes new self-maintenance and update tools, which can reduce the amount of time people spend managing their systems. With management time saved, people will have more opportunities to enjoy the operating system's new entertainment features.

Windows 98 includes fun enhancements such as television broadcast capabilities, so PCs that have a television tuner card can receive and display television and other data that is distributed over broadcast networks. The operating system also offers enhanced 3-D capacity for realistic game-playing, and it supports DVD. And with the support for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) in Windows 98, people can connect joysticks, video-conferencing cameras, scanners and other types of peripheral hardware to their PCs—without rebooting.
The Nitty Gritty:
System Tools

Disk Defragmenter Optimization Wizard:

Windows System Update

System File Checker Utility

Windows Tune-up Wizard

Dr. Watson Utility

New Backup Utility


Help & Technical Support

Windows 98 Help Desk

System Troubleshooter

System Information Utility

Hardware Support

Broadcast Architecture

Misc. Hardware Support

Multiple Display Support

IrDA Support

PCMCIA Support


Active Movie

MMX Support
Internet Connectivity

Integrated Shell

Improved Dial-Up Networking

Browser Enhancements


Additional Internet Tools

Support for PPTP

Well that's pretty much the lowdown on Windows98. Will these improvements actually RUN without problems... it's too soon to tell.

If you have successfully installed Windows98 on your computer, and have something to say about the program, we'd love to hear from you! Either drop us an email at, or jump over to the techboard and post your comments.


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