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Windows 95 Routine Maintenance

In order to keep your computer system running smoothly, there are a few easy maintenance items that should be performed on a regular basis. These actions should be performed at least once per month, however, heavy internet usage dictates that they be done once a week. Performing these maintenance items can help keep your system running at optimum speed and performance level.

Basically, the Scan disk operation checks your hard drive for errors and offers to fix any errors it might find. NOTE: Scan Disk can take a long time to run - don't start it when you have something else that you need to use the computer for; run it when you're doing laundry or some other task where you can be near your computer, but that doesn't involve using the computer.

To perform a "Scan Disk" - "Click on the "Start Button", highlight "Programs", then highlight "Accessories", then highlight "System Tools" and click on "Scan Disk". Highlight the location of your hard drive (usually C:), select "Thorough" as the type of test, and check the "automatically fix errors" box. Then click on the "Start" button. If you have more than one hard drive, make sure to repeat the Scan Disk operation for each hard drive.

Your computer sometimes spreads the files needed to run different programs across the hard drive instead of leaving them arranged neatly. Your programs still run with the files spread out, it just takes longer for your computer to find all the files. Performing a Disk Defragmenter reorganizes the hard drive, making sure that all the files pieces are next to each other.

To perform a "Disk Defragmenter" - "Click on the "Start Button", highlight "Programs", then highlight "Accessories", then highlight "System Tools" and click on "DISK Defragmenter". A window should come up asking you to select which drive you want to defragment. If you only have one hard drive, select the name of that drive (usually C;). If you have more than one hard drive, select "All Hard Drives". Click OK. The defragmenter will tell you whether or not your drive(s) need to be defragmented. If it recommends that you should defragment a drive, you should do so. You may continue to use your computer while your drive is being defragmented, however it may run more slowly than usual.

You are probably aware that your computer has a set amount of space on its hard drive. Each time you use the internet or run certain programs, you use up a little piece of your hard drive space. Those of you fortunate enough to have a newer system may have enough space on your hard drive that you may never have to worry about it becoming filled. People with older systems, however, may need to keep an eye on their hard drive space. These are a few easy steps to take to eliminate unnecessary items on your hard drive.


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