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Internet Primer
For those of you who are new to the Web, or those of you have trouble remembering what all the different terminology actually means, here is a list of some "Web Words" and their definitions.

BPS Bits Per Second - a measurement used to describe just how fast data is transmitted. This usually describes your modem speed.
Bandwidth The amount of information a network server can manage.
BBS Bulletin Board System - An electronic message system, managed by a local group, that enables you to post and read messages.
Chat To communicate live with other internet users anywhere in the world.
Client A computer that uses the services of another computer. When you dial in to connect to the internet from your PC or Mac, your computer becomes a client of the system that you dial in to.
.com These letters at the end of an internet address indicate that the host computer is run by a company as opposed to a government agency or an organization. It is also most likely located in the United States.
Download To bring software or other files onto your computer from an internet source.
E-mail Electronic mail messages that are sent via the Internet.
FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions - often times things on the internet that require explanation before use include an FAQ section.
Flame Occurs when one internet user personally attacks the views of another, usually while "chatting" or on Bulletin Boards. This is considered bad "netiquette".
Freeware Software that you can download and use at no cost.
FTP File Transfer Protocol - The transfer of files from one computer to another over the internet. To do this you may need an "FTP client" - a special computer program.
Host A computer which you are able to log on.
ISDN Intergrated Services Digital Network - fast digital phone line for internet access.
ISP Internet Service Provider - the company which provides your internet access.
Lurking Observing a chat line or group without speaking. This is considered bad "netiquette".
Modem Device that "enables" your computer to communicate through a phone line.
Netiquette Proper Internet Manners
Network A link between 2 or more computers.
Newbie A new internet user.
Newsgroup A Bulletin Board system devoted to a particular subject.
Shareware Downloadable software available to use on a trial basis; if you like the software and would like to continue using it, there is usually a small fee involved.
URL Uniform Resource Locator - pronounced "Earl" - How documents (pages) on the World Wide Web are referenced. Basically, it's the location of a particular document (page) on the internet; the URL of this page is

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