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Making a new directory

For those of you who don't know how to make New Folders
(they are also called Directories)
there are few ways of doing this, here's one of the easier ones:
1. Click on your My Computer Icon

2. Double click on your hard drive, it's usually (C:) there's a little picture of a grey box type thing with (C:) under it.

3. Once you've double clicked on your hard drive icon, it will open up another window. These are all your hard drive directories, or files.

Click on the word File at the top, you will see a menu, when you put your arrow cursor on New, it will open up another menu with a bunch of stuff, at the top of this menu you should see Folder, click on the Folder.

4. You should now see a folder called, New Folder, the words New Folder will be highlighted with a blinking cursor in it, all you have to do is hit your back-space key until you've deleted the words new folder, then type in the name of your new folder, and hit the Enter key.

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